25+ Best Transcription Jobs for Beginners up to $60/hr! (2023)

Transcription is a great option for people who are looking for a work-from-home job, a flexible schedule, or a way to earn extra income. It is also a relatively easy job to get started in, even if you have no prior experience.

There are many different types of transcription jobs available, including:

  • General transcription: This involves transcribing audio or video files into text, such as podcasts, interviews, lectures, and business meetings.
  • Medical transcription: This involves transcribing medical records, dictation, and other medical documents.
  • Legal transcription: This involves transcribing legal recordings, such as depositions, trials, and hearings.
  • Academic transcription: This involves transcribing academic lectures, seminars, and conferences.
  • Subtitling and captioning: This involves creating subtitles and captions for videos and movies.

The pay rate for transcription jobs varies depending on the type of work, the experience level of the transcriptionist, and the company. However, beginners can typically expect to earn between $20 and $30 per hour. Experienced transcriptionists can earn up to $60 per hour, or even more for specialized types of transcription, such as medical or legal transcription.

If you are interested in a career in transcription, here are some of the best transcription jobs for beginners:

  1. SpeakWrite
  2. Transcript Divas
  3. Speechpad
  4. Averbach Transcription
  5. Transcription Outsourcing LLC
  6. TranscribeMe
  7. Daily Transcription
  8. Tigerfish
  9. Casting Words
  10. GMR Transcription
  11. 3Play Media
  12. CrowdSurf
  13. Athreon
  14. Ubiqus
  15. Ubiqus On Demand (Formerly Verbal Ink)
  16. Babbletype
  17. Voxtab
  18. AccuTran Global
  19. Transcriptions ‘N Translations
  20. BAM! Transcription
  21. Alice Darling Secretarial Services
  22. TranscriptionServices.com
  23. Pioneer Transcription
  24. E-Typist
  25. Cambridge Transcriptions
  26. CyberDictate
  27. VIQ Solutions
  28. GoTranscript
  29. Rev
  30. Quicktate and iDictate
  31. Way With Words
  32. Scribie

To get started in a transcription job, you will typically need to have a computer, an internet connection, and a good pair of headphones. You may also need to take a transcription test to demonstrate your skills.

Once you have found a transcription job, you can start working immediately. Most transcription jobs are freelance, so you can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want.

Here are some tips for success as a transcriptionist:

  • Be accurate and detail-oriented.
  • Be able to type quickly and efficiently.
  • Be able to meet deadlines.
  • Be able to work independently and without supervision.
  • Be able to handle multiple tasks at once.

If you are looking for a work-from-home job with a flexible schedule and good pay, transcription is a great option. With a little practice, you can become a skilled transcriptionist and earn up to $60 per hour.

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